Applications of LPR Car Parking System

The LPR Car Parking System is applied to parking lots for various purposes according to the use of the parking lot through setting.

LPR parking access system

[ LPR parking access system for Parking Access Control ]

  • We can use the LPR parking access system for registration verification in apartments, business building, etc.
  • So, the vehicles registered in our LPR system can freely use the parking lot by recognizing the license plate.
  • Meanwhile, operator can check unregistered drivers before entering the parking lot.
  • Moreover, operator can additionally use VoIP phones and CCTV cameras to facilitate visitors’ management.
  • Operator can also remotely control the LPR Barrier Gate through our management computer to let visitors through.
  • In addition, the operator can also check the exit information from the LPR Barrier Gate of the exit lane.
  • In other words, the operator uses this parking access system to identify visitors and determine the entrance.
car parking system

[ Car parking system for Exit Payment Solution ]

  • We can apply payment machines at the exit lane for an Exit Payment Solution in small parking lots.
  • However, if the operator places an additional payment machine at the center, visitors can settle the parking fee more conveniently.
  • So, manager who wants to reduce the labor cost uses the car parking system with the Automatic Pay Machines.
  • Also, you can reduce congestion in the exit lane by installing this Automatic Pay Machines in the center.
  • That is, the operator can manage the registered or visited vehicles by number recognition at the entrance through this system.
  • So, registered vehicles can freely enter and exit the parking lot as long as the validity period or other conditions permit.
  • And the LPR car parking system allows the vehicle to exit when the visitor pays the parking fee.
  • Furthermore, we have prepared two type of validation function to discount parking fee in this system.
  • That is, our Exit Payment System can apply Web validation or bar-coded discount.

[ LPR Car parking system for Central Payment Solution ]

  • We can apply this Central Payment Solution to parking lots with a lot of vehicles, such as shopping malls.
  • So, the LPR car parking system quickly recognizes the vehicle number and processes the entering or leaving of the vehicles.
  • However, the operator makes the parking fee payment only at the center before exiting, so that the vehicle exits quickly.
  • So, parking lots with a large number of vehicles prefer to have payment machines located in the center.
  • Therefore, the driver can settle the parking fee with the license plate number at the payment machine in the center.
  • And the central payment system allows the vehicle to exit when the settled vehicle approaches the exit.
  • However, if the driver pays at the central payment machine, he has to leave within a certain time.
  • Also, our Central Payment Solution can automatically process discounted vehicle in stores.
  • So, the operator can apply the car parking system’s Web or barcode discount according to each parking lot.
parking control system

[ parking control system for Complex Parking Lots ]

  • Customers who have multiple parking lots in the same area can apply this complex management system.
  • And we can use this Complex Parking control system for various operating conditions for each parking lot.
  • So, our LPR complex managing system can set various operating conditions for each parking lot.
  • Also, even within one building, it is possible to classify each floor and allow only specific vehicle to enter.
  • Alternatively, different parking fees may be applied to vehicles using a specific parking area.
  • That is, it’s possible to set operating tariff divided into various parking lots in one management software.
  • Also, our complex system can efficiently use the parking lot by classifying vehicles in various ways.
  • Therefore, the operator can set the functions required for parking lot management in the LPR parking control system.
  • So, the LPR complex managing system is suitable for complex building that require various functions.

[ Multi parking lots management ]

  • Organizations operating multi parking lots will need a single integrated car parking system.
  • In other words, they probably want to grasp the entire operating status and remotely control it from a single monitor.
  • Therefore, if multiple parking lots are integrated into the whole, the analysis ability of business will increase.
  • So, our integrated server can manage multiple parking lots by combining them into one server.
  • Also, the integrated server can perform remote control, remote monitoring, data integration and integrated aggregation.
  • In addition, the integrated server of the car parking system supports the access of multiple workstations through the internet.
  • Therefore, multiple workstations can connect to the integrated server and many operators can work at the same time.
car park system

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