Car Parking System with LPR applied.

car parking system with LPR applied

The parking control system applied with LPR technology is equipped with functions to manage parking lots for various purposes.  So, our car parking system provides complete functions to manage access control, exit lane payment, central payment, and complex parking lot management.

[ Applied to various types of car parking lot ]

parking access system

Parking access system with LPR technology

Depending on the facility, there are parking lots that do not want to allow outside cars to enter. So, our LPR parking access system can read the number of cars and a security guard can check the visiting car first.

exit lane payment for LPR car park system

Exit Lane Payment for LPR car park system

Although the parking lot is small, there are many parking lots where they want to charge a parking fee. So, we install the LPR car park system with exit lane payment, the driver can pay the parking fee to reduce labor costs.

central payment for LPR car parking system

Central Payment for LPR car parking system

A large parking lot will consider speedy entry and exit and customer convenience. So, we install the LPR car parking system as a central payment system, and drivers can pay the parking fee in advance before leaving.

complex parking management with LPR parking

Complex Parking Management with LPR parking

Complex buildings or parking lots that manage multiple parking lots will require more complex management. So, our LPR parking system has the ability to manage various complex parking lots by reading car numbers.

[ Parking access system with LPR technology ]

  • This parking access system has a function that automatically allows only registered cars to enter the parking lot.

  • So, our system can classify registered cars and visitors by reading the license plates of approaching cars.

  • In other words, some parking lots can use such a system when they want only permitted cars to enter.

  • So, our LPR car parking system that reads license plates can manage parking lots like this.

  • Therefore, this system is required in apartments and business buildings, and registered cars enter and exit by reading license plates.

  • However, the user can check the entry by reading the number of the visiting car by the access system.

  • Also, it would be more convenient if the operator could talk to the visitor using VOIP phone and CCTV camera.

  • In addition, if an LPR camera is installed at the exit, the operator can check the exit information of all cars.

  • So, this LPR parking access system can read the number plate and manage the visiting cars and registered cars automatically.

exit lane payment for LPR car park system

[ Exit Lane Payment for LPR car park system ]

  • Small parking lots prefer a car park system that calculates parking fees at the exit.

  • So, this Exit Lane payment can receive the parking fee from the visitors by reading the car number. 

  • Also, registered cars can freely enter and exit the parking lot if the validity period or other conditions permit.

  • However, the visiting driver pays a parking fee according to the rate set in advance by the LPR system. 

  • So, the payment machine installed at the exit reads the number plate and automatically displays the parking fee.

  • Moreover, if the payment machine of the LPR system is additionally located in the center, settlement is more convenient.

  • So, operating our LPR system including the automatic pay machine can reduce the operator’s labor cost.

  • In addition, the operator can apply our two kinds of discount function to discount the parking fee of visitors.

  • So, our car park system can use Web discount or bar-coded discount.

[ Central Payment for LPR car parking system ]

  • The car parking system in a parking lot with a lot of cars must make the cars move quickly.
  • So, you will need a device that can read the license plate and process cars without stopping at the entrance.
  • Because reading the license plate number, which is a ticketless parking type, is much faster than issuing parking tickets.
  • Also, this LPR central payment system reads the car number and classifies the car as a registered or visiting car.
  • So, if the drivers pay the parking fee only at the center, it can be processed quickly at the exit.  
  • Therefore, the drivers can pay for parking by entering the car number at the payment machine located in the center.
  • Also, our LPR car parking system has a parking discount function for customers who visit the store. 
  • Therefore, customers can receive a discount with a Web discount or coupon discount when paying for parking.
  • However, once the driver pays the parking fee at the center, the car must leave within a certain time.
  • After then, our LPR central payment system allows the car to exit when the paid car approaches the exit.
central payment for LPR car parking system
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[ Complex Parking Management with LPR parking ]

  • A company that manages many parking lots in an area will want to manage it all with one parking control system.

  • Because separate parking lots operate separately, some will want to jointly manage functions.

  • For example, the parking fee system operates separately, but it will also be necessary to allow registered cars to enter.

  • Also, in a multi-story parking lot, you may want to manage a specific floor separately with parking control system.

  • For example, the user can set a floor where only registered cars can park.

  • So, our LPR complex system can manage multiple parking lots by setting it up for various uses.

  • For example, it can be set in the parking control system so that even a registered car cannot use any parking lot.

  • Also, the operator can manage a separate parking rate and car for each divided parking lot.

  • That is, the operator can set various operating conditions for each parking lot in this complex parking management.

  • So, this complex parking control system is suitable for complex parking lots of various projects.

multi parking lot management with LPR parking solution

[ Multi Parking Lot Management with LPR solution ]

  • A company that manages many parking lots will think of managing it in one LPR car park system.

  • So, managing multi parking lot can integrate database and remotely monitor and control.

  • Therefore, the user can check the status of each device and control it remotely, so that it can be conveniently managed.

  • Also, multiple operators can access the integrated parking control system at the same time to process many tasks.

  • However, you should first check whether the existing system can support the interface.

  • Because if the existing system provider does not support the interface, only some data can be shared.

  • So, the best way is to start the connection from the new parking lot will be provided most completely.

  • In conclusion, we recommend having multi-parking management server composed of LPR parking control system.

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