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DKEE's Smart Parking can be applied not only to our LPR parking system but also to other companies' parking control systems.

[ Adaptable smart parking to any parking systems ]

  • A solution that calculates parking fees with a smart parking can only be spread when there are many users.
  • In order to do that, the solution must be able to connect to the parking lots where all existing systems are running.
  • As you know, automatic payment of parking fees with a smart parking will be the solution of the future.
  • And there are many solutions in the world to calculate the parking fee with a smartphone.
  • But they will all be focusing on using the parking fee payment app only for their own parking system.
  • In other words, they cannot process with their smartphone app in the parking lots where other systems are running.
  • So, there is a limit to the spread of their smartphone payment solutions for each company.
  • However, we can apply the smart parking patent technology not only to our system but also to other systems.
  • So, we can pay the parking fee with our smartphone app while operating the parking lot with other system.
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[ LPR smart parking system ]

  • If we link the smart parking system to the LPR system, drivers can pay the parking fee with their smartphone.
  • In other words, the operator can set the LPR system so that the driver can pay with a smartphone app.
  • So, drivers with the smart parking app can settle the parking fee before leaving the parking lot.
  • Even if the driver forgets to pay in advance and comes to the exit, the parking fee is automatically settled.
  • In addition, when the driver pays the parking fee through the app, the vehicle is automatically recognized at the exit.
  • Our smartphone app provides functions such as discount function and parking location indication as well as parking fee settlement.
  • So, we expect our smart parking system to be a platform that can be used in any parking lot.

[ Looking for investors with DKEE smart parking ]

  • Our smart parking can be applied to any parking lot as a 4th generation parking fee settlement.
  • That is, we can install it to be possible not only on our system but also on other systems.
  • Therefore, in any other system, the parking fee can be settled, and the barrier gates can be automatically controlled.
  • As you know, solutions for paying parking fee with a smartphone app are provided by several companies.
  • However, no one can connect their smartphone app to the system unless the existing system company supports it.
  • But our solution can control the barrier gates and settle the parking fee without data linkage with the existing system.
  • Therefore, we believe that our smart parking will greatly expand the parking fee settlement service with smartphones.
  • We are looking for investment companies that can expand our smart parking solutions in each country.
  • So, we will grant an exclusive right to one company per country, and that company will expand our smart parking.
  • If you want to expand the parking business of other companies with our smart parking solution, please contact us.

[ Web validation of LPR parking system ]

  • Web discount function can apply a parking fee discount on desktop or mobile parking.
  • If you park in the parking lot where our system is installed, you can visit stores or offices and request a discount.
  • In other words, if you visit a store and give your vehicle number, the sore registers it in the Web program.
  • Therefore, the mobile parking program has a function to input the vehicle number and discount value.
  • Then, the discount registered information is sent to the management computer so that the discount is applied automatically.
  • If the operator sets the discount range on the management computer, the discount is only possible within the set range.
  • Also, the operator can check the list of Web discounts processed on the management computer and generate reports.
  • The store manager can log in on his/her smartphone and use the Web discount function.

[ Coupon validation of LPR parking system ]

  • Another parking validation of ours is to issue barcode discount coupon, which can be read to discount parking fees.
  • Therefore, the operator can issue the desired discount coupons by connecting the issuing machine to the management computer.
  • In addition, the operator can sell or supply the issued discount coupons to each store or office for free.
  • And then, the manager of each store or office can give it to the visiting customers.
  • When the driver scans the barcode discount coupon while paying the parking fee, the parking fee is automatically discounted.
  • Also, the operator can set the maximum number of discount coupons that can be accepted at the payment machine.
  • In addition, if the operator sets the validity period of the discount coupon, the discount coupon can only be used for a set time.
  • Also, the operator can check the issuance of barcode parking validation on the management computer.

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