How convenient Automatic Parking System flows to future

[ Parking industry including players ]

  • The parking tickets have been used continuously in the automatic parking system for parking lot.
  • However, they have to purchase the parking tickets, and clean the machines continually.
  • Also they need many staffs to manage the automatic parking systems in the parking lot.
  • In addition, there is limit that can’t prevent that some drivers try to illegal by combining ticket and RF card.
  • So there are well known companies such as SKIDATA, DESIGNA, S&B, and WPS in the world as suppliers.
  • These companies are also using the LPR technology for their automatic parking system too.
  • But they just started the LPR solution recently, and use it with limited solution for their LPR parking system.

[ Problems of the Parking Ticket System ]

  • Parking lot owner will need to purchase parking tickets on a regular basis to manage automatic parking system.
  • Furthermore the operator had to clean the ticket issuing and reading devices continuously.
  • Also the operator had to replace the magnetic heads that issues and reads parking tickets periodically.
  • Additionally the parking lot owner had to hire many staffs to manage the automatic parking system.
  • But they can’t prevent illegal usages who combination of parking ticket and RF card.

[ Various parking tickets of automatic parking system ]

Bar-coded parking ticket:

  • When a vehicle enters the parking lot, a ticket dispenser of automatic parking system issues a parking ticket.
  • Also the machine transmits settled information to the management computer of the automatic parking system.
  • So the driver scans the settled bar-code parking ticket at the exit machine to exit the parking lot.
  • Therefore people can more easily forge bar-coded parking tickets to save on parking fees.
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Magnetic parking ticket:

  • The ticket dispenser issues a magnetic parking ticket at the entrance when a vehicle enters into the parking lot.
  • And the automatic parking system records settled information on the magnetic field after receiving the parking fee.
  • Therefore most manufacturers have produced the magnetic ticket systems traditionally because the magnetic is more stable.
  • However, the magnetic head need to touch the parking ticket for reading and writing the data.
  • So the operator has to replace the magnetic heads often for their automatic parking system.
  • And if the maintenance is not smooth, the reading and writing error may be issued.

[ RF card for monthly parking ]

  • Traditionally, most parking lots have used the RF card to manage monthly vehicles.
  • Since this method has operated separately from the automatic parking system for visiting vehicles.
  • That’s why, some drivers try to get illegal parking by using a RF card and an hourly ticket.
  • Because if the reader reads the RF card, the system only checks the validity period and output .
  • So, using RF reader for automatic parking system can not prevent the illegal use of monthly vehicles.
  • Because monthly drivers can rend the RF card to someone.

[ Features of LPR Automatic Parking System ]

  • The LPR automatic parking system recognizes the license plates of visitor and registered vehicles.
  • Especially the parking system using LPR technology has the following features.
    • No need parking tickets for managing visitors.
    • Fast processing of vehicles with contact-less.
    • Prevention of illegal parking.
    • Requires minimal maintenance.
    • Future solution of the automatic parking system.
    • Suitable solution for online service such as mobile application.
    • Handling captured images in the system.
  • Since the LPR parking system manages plate numbers, it is possible to manage the parking lot accurately.

[ Half LPR skill by intermediate technology ]

  • Suppliers who has lacking in LPR technology can initially provide intermediate grade of automatic parking system.
  • So, the intermediate grade means that likely they only apply the LPR technology for managing monthly vehicles.
  • Or they only apply them to prevent illegal parking by comparing recognized license plates. 
  • According to the capabilities of each company, they may replace the ticket system by the LPR technology.
  • So that grade does not provide complete data compatibility, so the automatic parking system is limited.

[ DKEE supports entire LPR Parking System ]

  • The entire LPR automatic parking system means that manages both registered and visitor’s vehicles only by LPR.
  • Therefore, it is the most important factor to increase the recognition rates in the LPR automatic parking system.
  • In order to operate parking lot with only LPR technology, it is necessary to take measures against various problems.                          LPR Automatic Parking System of DKEE
  • Also we can analyze the operation and troubleshoot of the LPR system remotely via the Internet.

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