How Smart Parking Works with any parking systems

[ How Smart Parking works with any parking systems ]

  • People wants to have more convenient and easy living in their life.
  • So we’ve been thought about the smart parking how we can provide more convenient and easy usages.
  • Eventually we’ve grabbed a patent that identifying entering vehicles and can make payment parking fee after exiting.  
  • Especially this can be applied to any other parking systems, and can make parking fee after exiting by our solution.
  • It means that can apply to not only  our parking system but also operated by other brand.  
  • Also our solution could interfaces to any parking system such as LPR parking system or parking ticket system.  
  •  It means that you can extend your business to any parking lot even they don’t want to replace the existing parking systems.
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[ The validation functions of the Smart Parking ]

  • Our smart parking provides various validation functions such as Web or bar-coded validation for discounting parking fee or getting free parking in the parking lot.
  • So the validation  can apply to shopping mall, apartments, commercial building or office building.
  • And the validation values are applied automatically when the smart phone make a payment parking fee. 
  • So, the LPR parking system can provide the Web validation function through any computer or smartphone through the internet.
  • Also the Web validation can provide a free parking, or discount parking within a certain value for visiting drivers.
  • So, driver can get the Web validation after visiting an office or shop if the web validation is running in the parking lot.
  • Because it allows shop owners, companies or landlords to offer parking discounts to visitors.
  • And then if the discount time value is enough, the customer can use the parking lot without paying a parking fee.
  • But if there is remained the parking time even after getting the discount time has been applied, the visitor must pay a parking fee to get out.

[ Payment parking fee through the Smart Parking ]

  • When a driver want to pay a parking fee, the driver can scan the bar-code coupon to get a discount from the parking fee.
  • In other way, driver can get validation coupons in advance from shop or office, and then the driver can go out the parking lot conveniently without payment parking fee.
  • After then our solution will make a payment parking fee, and notices to the driver’s smartphone about the payment content. 
  • If the solution need to be installed with other brand of parking system, you have to install a Smart Pole at front of the parking lot.
  • After then, the Smart Pole will communicate with driver’s smartphone when a vehicle approaches to the parking lot. 
  • And then the smart parking system will get information from the smartphone for making a payment later.
  • Also the other brand of parking system need to have another Smart Pole at exit lane. 

[ Looking for investors to extend the Smart Parking ]

  • As you may know, our Smart Parking solution can apply to both our own LPR parking system and other brand of parking system too.
  • Also that system could apply to LPR parking system and the parking ticket of other system too.
  • We have the patent of this Smart Parking, and believe this solution could be extended to worldwide parking industry.
  • So this Solution could be a platform that can help your business to extend up to your competitor’s territories.
  • We will nominate one company with exclusive right of the Smart Parking per country to whom invested to our company. 
  • We are welcome to discuss with you about the business.

[ The features of the Smart Parking Solution ]

  • Our solution can apply to both our own LPR parking system and the other brand of systems.
  • And the solution can make payment of parking fee both in advance or after exiting the parking lot.
  • Also the system can handle Web validation or bar-coded validation from driver’s smartphone.
  • So, our solution has a strong power to extend usages because it can apply to any parking systems. 
  • And the App of the Smart Parking are for both iPhone and Android phone.

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