New Uninterrupted LPR Parking System [ stable parking lot operation ]

[ Parking System with LPR technology ]

  • Our LPR Parking system can recognize license plates by the LPR parking cameras at the entrance and exit.
  • So the LPR parking manages vehicles according to the operation method by recognizing registered and visiting vehicles.
  • For example, when a monthly vehicle enters, he or she can freely enter and exit the parking lot until the registered terms.
  • Also when a visiting vehicle enters, the system recognizes plate number and stores the entry information in the database.
  • Additionally the LPR parking displays the vehicle number and recognized information on the high-brightness LCD monitor.
  • And it displays advertisements when there is no vehicle at the lane, so that pedestrians or other drivers can see them.
  • Moreover the 20-color illuminates bar always changes color so that attracting the driver’s attention and preventing car accidents.
  • And the LPR system provides parking validations for discounting fee in various ways, such as web validations and bar-code coupons.
  • So, our LPR parking system supports more stable operation in parking lots from small parking lots to large shopping malls.
  • Also there are many advanced technologies in our LPR system such as ABCS function, Image Processing Unit.
  • Therefore, the LPR system has a high LPR accuracy rates and supports a stable operation without system interruption.
Complete LPR parking solution
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[ Why to take always sharp images by LPR camera? - ABCS function ]

  • The LPR parking system is needed sharp image to recognize correct license plate number.
  • So, the LPR technology should have unique solution to control camera for taking sharp image. 
  • Because if an LPR camera is installed at outside, it should automatically take clear images even if the surrounding environment changes.
  • Since the external brightness is constantly changing, it is impossible to take sharp images without automatically adjusting the camera.
  • So if the system does not respond accurately to these various brightness, the recognition rate will be a big problem.
  • That’s why, we’ve developed the ABCS, which can always take clear images even when the ambient brightness changes.
  • So the ABCS is that controls the camera so that it can always take clear images even in various situations.
  • In fact, the recognition rates of our parking system operating in Korea are almost 100%.

[ Why uses the IP cameras as a direct type? for lower costs, and then unstable? ]

  • Depending on how the management computer controls the LPR cameras it can be classified into direct and indirect parking system.
  • So, the direct connection is that it uses an IP camera, and connects it directly to the management computer through a network.
  • Also the  direct connection type is easy to develop, and has a lower production cost, so most companies use this method.
  • Therefore, this is because the direct connection requires only the IP cameras for connecting directly to the computer through a network.
  • As you may know all computer must be restarted often cause of broken hardware, O.S problem or virus infected.
  • Therefore when the computer turn off, the IP cameras are also disconnected with the computer, and does not work any more till the computer works again.
  • This is because all the IP cameras operate only when they receive a control signal from the computer to take images.
  • So, if the LPR parking system in a parking lot works by the direct connection type, the parking lot may become paralyzed someday.

[ Uninterrupted LPR parking system by indirect type for stable parking lot operation]

  • We’ve developed an Image Processing Unit to communicate with the management computer, and connect with a LPR camera.
  • It means that the management computer doesn’t communicate directly with the LPR cameras.
  • So, in the indirect connection, an Image Processing Unit connects with a LPR camera for the LPR parking system.
  • As you may know, People think that all parking system has to run into 24 hours everyday without any interruption in their system.
  • However the management computer has to restart occasionally, and in this case, the system has no choice but to stop sometimes.
  • Therefore our Image Processing Unit still operates as a stand-alone when the management computer is failed.
  • Even while the management computer is down, the IPU controls the LPR camera to take images and controls the barrier gate.
  • Furthermore when the management computer works again, the IPU sends the stored data to the computer to operate in normal.
  • So, the indirect LPR parking system with the Image Processing Unit is more suitable for complex or large parking lots.

[ Features of DKEE's LPR Parking Management System ]

  • Our unique technologies introduced above support the stable operation of parking lots.
  • Even if the LPR parking system has the LPR camera at inside or outside the parking lot, it always takes sharp images.
  • So, the registered vehicle number is as a monthly vehicle and allows you to freely enter and exit the parking lot.
  • And the visitors have to pay a parking fee before leaving the parking lot, and the visitor can use validation coupon or web validation.
  • Especially the features of DKEE’s LPR system are as follows.
    • Always takes sharp images to increase the vehicle number recognition rates.
    • Even if the management computer is failed, the parking system operates independently.
    • Advertisement or announcements images are displayed on the high brightness monitor.
    • The 20-color parking barrier bar attracts the driver’s attention.
    • Technical support for failure analysis remotely through internet.

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