[ Parking guidance system by ultrasonic sensors ]

  • A parking guidance system indicates empty parking spaces by parking floor or area with detecting parked vehicles.
  • Recently, a method of displaying parking spaces by installing ultrasonic sensors on each parking bays mainly uses.
  • However, this parking guide systems need to install many ultrasonic sensors and equipment.
  • Because the ultrasonic sensor can detect vehicle for only one parking bay.
  • Therefore this method requires to install the ultrasonic sensors for each parking bays, and many facilities.
  • And then, the management computer receives the parking status of each sensor through a repeater, and displays the status on the screen.
  • Additionally the sign boards may include aisle lights, entrance sign boards, block or floor sign boards.
Parking counter system
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[ Parking counter system ]

  • We’ve developed a parking counter system that can get many benefits for the parking guidance systems.
  • So it can get a simple solution with high accuracy rates and cost saving for guiding drivers to empty spaces.
  • Therefore in this parking guidance system, it’s most important to guide the vehicle by indicating the correct empty parking spaces.
  • Furthermore it can be installed to indoor and outdoor parking lot that by classifying floors or blocks.
  • Especially we’ve developed our Traffic Computer that monitors the count values and corrects them with two steps automatically.
  • Also we developed an advanced Signal Controller that receives the signal from the loop detectors and analyzes and classifies the signal.
  • So, vehicle detectors at the entrance and exit detects passing vehicles and transmits a signal to the signal controller.
  • And then, it guides drivers to empty parking spaces by displaying vacant spaces of parking block or parking floor on the display board.
  • Also the display board indicates empty parking spaces for one or two blocks at intersections.
  • The Traffic Computer with automatic calibration function
  • The Signal Controller including analyzing signals
  • The Display board for multi stories or blocks

[ Indoor application of the system ]

  • If the parking count system is applied to a multi story floors, it is mainly used by dividing it in floors.
  • However, if the parking lot for each floor is wide, the parking lot can be also divided in several blocks.
  • For example, the loop detectors are installed on the ramp between floors detect the vehicle entering and exiting, and sends it to the signal controller.
  • Furthermore usually there is a multi-display board at the entrance of the parking lot, and floors display boards at each floor.
  • So the traffic computer receives the vehicle detection signal from the signal controller, counts the number of vehicles.
  • Especially our counting system has a signal analysis function that can eliminate various counting errors such as detector fails and cart passing.
  • So the parking guidance system has a function to maintain the error rate only within certain range with an automatic correction.

[ Outdoor application of the system ]

  • An outdoor parking lot is a space made for vehicles to park by dividing it into blocks in a wide parking space without a ceiling.
  • So the large parking space is divided into several blocks to allow vehicles to pass and park.
  • Also the display board that can be displayed the entire area of the outdoor parking lot can be installed at the intersection.
  • Additionally the stand-alone display board can display parking spaces in one, two or three directions at the intersection.
  • And the vehicle detectors installed at the entrance and exit of each area detect the vehicle, and transmits it.

[ Features of the parking counter system ]

  • The parking guidance system is a simple solution that displays accurate empty parking spaces at a lower cost.
  • So the signal controller is that can automatically analyze signals and transmit accurate vehicle detection signals.
  • Also the traffic computer is that can automatically calibrate the count value.
  • Furthermore the Parking Counting System can be applicable to indoor and outdoor parking lots.
  • Finally the high-brightness display has good visibility, and it can be dimmed the brightness automatically at night to eliminate the blurring of text.

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