Parking Guide System with two-step calibration

Our Parking Guide System with two-step automatic correction function guides vehicles to empty parking spaces at low cost in various parking lots.

[ Parking guide for Indoor parking lot ]

  • We mainly use the parking guide system for indoor parking to indicate empty parking spaces by floor.
  • If there are small parking spaces indoors, it is sufficient to guide the spaces by dividing it by floor only.
  • However, if the parking space on the same floor is large, it is difficult to find an empty parking space.
  • Therefore, diving the same floor into several guides makes it easier for drivers to find empty spaces.
  • Our guidance system can display empty spaces by counting vehicles at the entrance and exit of a floor or block.
  • However, a simple counting system cannot accurately guide empty parking spaces in a parking lot.
  • Because the simple counter system cannot tell if what the sensor detects is a real vehicle.
  • Also, since the simple counter does not have a function to automatically correct the value, the error increases every day.
  • So, our parking guide system with two-step auto-calibration is different from other simple counting systems.
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[ Parking guide for outdoor parking lot ]

  • Parking guide for outdoor divides a wide parking area into several and guides the vehicles to empty parking block.
  • So, we can install vehicle detectors to detect vehicles passing through the entrance and exit of each block.
  • Then, the driver can check the sign board at the entrance of each block and go to an empty parking space.
  • Additionally, we can install multiple display board at the first entrance of the parking lot to show the entire area.
  • If you use wireless communication between the I/O Controller and the Traffic Computer, you can reduce the installation cost.
  • Also, a sensor that detects a vehicle for outdoor parking can install loop coils on the floor or use another.
  • So, the I/O Controller analyzes the signal sent from the detector to determine whether it is a real vehicle.
  • Our two-step auto-calibration parking guidance guides the drivers to empty parking spaces.

[ Parking guide system for Handicapper parking bay ]

  • Our parking guide system can display this information if there are parking spaces for people with disabilities in the parking lot.
  • In other words, we can add information about parking spaces of handicapper according to customer needs.
  • So, if the operator installs sensors on each disabled parking bay, the sensor transmits parking information.
  • Then, the I/O Controller receives the signal from the sensors for the disabled and transmits it to the Traffic Computer.
  • And that Traffic Computer can additionally display the vacant parking information for the disabled on the block display board.
  • So, the Traffic Computer of the parking guide system transmits the parking information for the disabled to the I/O Controller.

[ First step automatic calibration for parking guidance ]

  • Our I/O Controller is one of the devices that play an important role in parking guidance.
  • That is, this I/O Controller can receive signals from vehicle detectors for passing vehicles and for people with disabilities.
  • We also connect block boards or entrance multiple board to this nearby device to display empty parking spaces.
  • And this device sends the vehicle detection signals to the Traffic Computer and controls various display boards.
  • Also, this I/O Controller analyzes the received detection signals to determine the entrance, exit, error or failure.
  • Additionally, we can communicate with the Traffic Computer wirelessly by adding a wireless communication device to the I/O Controller.
  • So, wireless data communication can simplify piping and reduce installation cost.
  • In conclusion, this I/O Controller is an important device in the parking guidance because it automatically analyzes the signals.

[ Second step automatic calibration for parking guidance system ]

  • To operate our parking guidance system, you can configure the system for various parking lots on the Traffic Computer.
  • In other words, the administrator can set indoor, outdoor, disabled parking lots and various display boards on the Traffic Computer.
  • Also, the Traffic Computer communicates with I/O Controller to receive vehicle detection signals and control various display boar.
  • Moreover, this Traffic Computer has a two-step auto-compensation function to automatically keep accurate counts.
  • Therefore, if the Traffic Computer determines that there are errors in the count values, the computer automatically correct it.
  • So, this parking guidance system can always display the correct number of empty parking spaces.
  • Therefore, our counting parking guide system can accurately guide empty parking spaces at a low cost.

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