[ Smart parking in our life ]

  • The smart parking system is a very convenient solution for large parking lots, shopping malls and crowded complex buildings.
  • So we have a patent for the automatic payment solution using a smartphone to enable mobile parking service.
  • Also our patent technology for the parking system provides convenient functions such as guiding parking lots, payment and validations.
  • For example, when a driver installs the app, our LPR parking system connects to the App and provides various functions.
  • So, if a driver parks in the parking lot that it’s running with our parking system, the driver can pay a parking fee by the mobile app.
  • In addition, when a driver visits a store, he or she can receive a validation and processes a parking fee on the smartphone.
  • There is no need to look for a Pay Station because drivers can pay a parking fee with their smartphone app.
  • So, you can get services such as finding parking lots, pay parking fee, display parked information and checking parked location.
  • If a vehicle goes out to an exit, the LPR parking system checks the paid status automatically.
smart parking in our life
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[ Smart Parking with Web validation ]

  • A store owner or apartment resident can use a validation function to customers or apartment visitors by the Web validation.
  • So, the LPR parking system can provide the Web validation function through any computer or smartphone through the internet.
  • Also the Web validation can provide a free parking, or discount parking within a certain value for visiting drivers.
  • Additionally if a driver get a parking validation before leaving, the Auto Pay Station or exit unit will apply the validation.
  • So, driver can get the Web validation after visiting an office or shop if the web validation is running in the parking lot.
  • Because it allows shop owners, companies or landlords to offer parking discounts to visitors.
  • And then if the discount time value is enough, the customer can use the parking lot without paying a parking fee.
  • But if there is remained the parking time even after getting the discount time has been applied, the visitor must pay a parking fee to get out.

[ Bar-code coupon validation ]

  • When a driver want to pay a parking fee, the driver can scan the bar-code coupon to get a discount from the parking fee.
  • So, the coupon printer that connected with the management computer can print out the bar-code coupons.
  • There are various type of the validation coupon in the LPR parking system such as time, amount or percent basis.
  • Also the coupon printer can print out with discount value, period and the name of parking lot on the coupon.
  • So the coupon printer prints both bar-code and alphanumeric for visual confirmation.
  • An then operator can sell the bar-code coupons to shop owners, or give them with free of charge.
  • Also cashier station set the discount values with short-cut key, the clerk can apply it by press the short-cut key.

[ Went to enjoy a Smart City in a dream ]

  • One day, 10 years later, Mr. Park dreamed of going on a trip to the city of the future as following story.
  • I dreamed that my family and I were traveling to a smart city, and seeing the well-groomed roads and high-rise buildings was pleasing to the neat environment.
  • After going into the town, the second daughter started complaining that she was hungry.
  • So we all found a delicious looking restaurant and decided to have lunch there.
  • And then I drove into the building where the restaurant was located, and the building had a smart parking system installed.
  • As I entered the parking lot, a red light came on from the device with the barrier gate.
  • And then while my license plate number was displayed on the screen, the barrier gate was opened to enter the parking lot.
  • So I went to the restaurant with my family and had a delicious lunch with interesting conversations.
  • After then, to leave the restaurant, I called the waiter for a bill, and asked for a parking validation.
  • And then, the waiter asked me what the last 4digits of my license plate number were.
  • After for a while, the waiter came back and said that he had registered for 2 hours of free parking.
  • But when I counted the time I entered the parking lot, 2 hours and 20 minutes had already passed since I parked.
  • Because the waiter of the restaurant said that it gives its customers two hours of free parking as a standard.

[ Exiting the smart city in the dream ]

  • We had a good time, but forgot that so much time had passed.
  • However I couldn’t remember where the parked car was parked to go home.
  • Fortunately I remembered installed an App on my smartphone that I could use for the smart parking.
  • So, I was able to open my smartphone, conveniently check where I parked, and leave for home.
  • As I approached the exit of the parking lot, the barrier gate at the exit opened automatically so I was able to go out from the parking parking lot conveniently .
  • And after for a while, I heard a message that a message had arrived on my smartphone, so I checked it.
  • It was a message that was paid complete for the parking fee of the 20minutes extra parking.
  • Because I installed an app that can use smart parking on my smartphone a while ago and it worked automatically.
  • So I went to a smart city today and returned to enjoy a smart life with my family.
  • I believe that such a world will soon unfold before us.

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