[ 1CH assembled- Non loop coil Car Detector (GVD-3SC)

  • It can be conveniently installed because it can detect passing vehicles without having to bury loop coils in the lane.

  • This loop coil-less 1 channel assembled, Vehicle Detector can detect and output vehicles passing through within 2 meters to the side of the vehicle.   

Car detector 1ch assembled

[ Application examples ]

1ch assembled detector backwoard

- Vehicles passing through the front and back of the sensor can be detected and output.

- This finished car detector is assembled in a waterproof ABS enclosure and supplied with an output circuit configured for convenient installation by the installer.

1ch assembled detect any directions

When a metal object such as a vehicle, forklift, cart, or train approaches, it detects and outputs it regardless of direction.

2ch assembled detector various applications

It can be applied for warning light operation, traffic control, or parking control.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • We are producing this model for easy installation by customers who need a 1-channel car detector.

  • Also, the user can detect cars by installing this sensor on the wall or ceiling just like other models.

  • Thus, the car detector can detect a wide variety of metals such as cars, lift cars, metals and carts.

  • In addition, this car detector is assembled in a sealed case, but the sensor can be installed inside or outside the box.

  • So, this 1-channel detector ignores the direction of cars and outputs an output when detected.

  • Also, this car detector provides two outputs to control the warning light and dry relay contacts.

  • In addition, the user can control the alarm lamp by adjusting the sensitivity of the loop detector and the timer.

loop detector - 1 CH - assembled

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