[ 1CH- Non loop coil Loop Detector (model : GVD-3S)

  • It can be conveniently installed because it can detect passing vehicles without having to bury a loop coil in the lane.

  • This loop coil-free 1-channel loop detector can detect and output vehicle passing within 2 meters to the side of the vehicles. 

vehicle detector 1ch

[ Application examples ]

Vehicles passing through the front and back of the sensor can be detected and output.

When a metal object such as vehicle, forklift, cart, or train approcaches, it detectes and outputs it regardness of direction.

1ch detetor applied  for many applications

It can be applied for warning light operation, traffic control, or parking control.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • Existing loop detector is difficult to install because they require a loop coil to be installed on the road.

  • So, to solve this problem, we have developed an innovative detector that detects cars without a loop coil

  • Therefore, among sensors, the technology that detects only cars or metal without a loop coil gives many advantages.

  • In other words, our loop detector can detect passing cars using geomagnetic technology without installing loop coil.

  • Therefore, the user installs the car sensor on a wall or ceiling to detect passing cars.

  • So, user can use this detector for pedestrian warning, electric vehicle charger, forklift and railroad crossing.

  • Also, this loop detector without loop coil can detect passing cars by installing a car sensor on one side.

loop detector without loop coil - 1 CH

Our Business Scopes

LPR/ANPR Parking System, Parking Counter System, Non-loop coil Vehicle Detector