[ 2CH assembled- Non loop coil Car Detector (GVD-3DC) ]

This 2-channel car sensor without loop coil can connect up to 2 sensors and detect vehicles passing within 2 meters to the side of the vehicle.

2ch assembled detector

[ Application examples ]

- Vehicles passing through the front and back of the senor can be detected and output.

- This finished car sensor is assembled in a waterproof ABS enclosure and supplied with outputs circuit configured for convenient installation by the installer.

When metal object such as a vehicle, forklift, cart, or train approaches the direction can be distingguished and output, or operated individually according to the direction.

It can be applied for warning light operation, traffic control, or parking control.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • We assemble this 2-channel car sensor in a waterproof enclosure and sell it for car detection.

  • So, the user can use the detector to determine the direction at the entrance and exit of cars.

  • Also, if the passage width is wide enough to cross each other, one sensor should be installed in the other lane.

  • However, if the passageway is narrow, this car sensor can be used as a priority detection function.

  • Also, this two-channel detector can output only when detecting cars in the direction by determining the direction.

  • Furthermore, since this detector only detects cars or metal objects with magnetic sensors, loop coils are unnecessary.

  • Also, when the car sensor detects cars, it is possible to operate a safety facility that warns pedestrians.

car detector - 2 CH - assembled