[ Block display board- ceiling type ]

This display device is installed on each floor or at the entrance to the area to indicate empty parking spaces in the parking lot.

block guide display

[ Application examples ]

block guide display

Installed on the ceiling of an indoor parking lot to indicate empty parking spaces on that floor.

disabled parking bays

If a floor has parking spaces for the disabled, it receive signals from the sensors and displays empty parking spaces for the disabled.

disabled parking bays

Numbers or letters can be displayed on a high-brightness LED signboard.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • Our parking count system can guide cars by displaying empty parking spaces on the Block guidance display.

  • So, the installer mainly uses the ceiling type when installing the Block guidance Display in the indoor parking lot.

  • Also, if this device of the parking count system is a double-sided, drivers on both sides can see it.

  • In addition, this device can guide the number of vacant parking spaces by floor or block in the parking lot.

  • So, the driver can check the parking information of nearby and other area on the ceiling type Block guidance display.

  • Also, the installer can set the display board in 2 or 3 directions depending on the parking lot conditions.

  • Moreover, if we offer this device as a double-sided, you can see it from front and back as well.

  • Therefore, this device installed for the parking count system can guide the cars to an empty parking space. 

ceiling type block guidance display for parking count system

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