[ Block display board- stand type ]

This display device is installed at the entrance to the parking area to indicate empty parking spaces in that parking lot.

block guide display

[ Application examples ]

block display

Installed at the entrance to an outdoor parking lot to indicate empty parking spaces in that zone.

disabled parking bay

If there are parking spaces for disabled in the area, signals from the sensors are received and empty parking space for the disabled is displayed.

입구종합상황판, entire display board

Numbers or letters can be displayed on a high-brightness LED signboard.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • We mainly use stand type block guidance display for parking count system in outdoor parking lots.

  • In other words, this guidance display can guide empty parking spaces in a nearby block and another block.

  • Also, the Block guidance display usually displays 2 directions, but other directions are also possible for the parking count system.

  • Moreover, the LED module of this stand type block display automatically adjusts the brightness according to the day and night.

  • Also, we use the LED module used in this device with 128 x 512mm, and it can also display characters.

  • Moreover, since the display device of the parking counter system uses a high-brightness LED, it can be checked from a distance.

  • Therefore, this device receives empty parking spaces from the Zone controller and display it on the LED module. 

  • In addition, our parking count system can configure a Block Parking Display that can check parking spaces from three sides.

stand type block guidance display for car parking counting system

Our Business Scopes

LPR/ANPR Parking System, Parking Counter System, Non-loop coil Vehicle Detector