[ Complex parking lot management ]

This system is capable of managing parking spaces separately for visiting cars and registered vehicles.

complex parking lot

[ Application examples ]

premium parking zone

In a residential-commercial building, only registered vehicles may be allowed to enter from a certain floor onwards.

manages multi parking lot

It can be applied in parking lots with premium zones where you have to pay a higher parking fee in certain parking zones.

Multiple separate parking lots can be managed from one management computer.

[ Detail description ]

  • A company that manages many parking lots in an area will want to manage it all with one parking control system.

  • Because separate parking lots operate separately, some will want to jointly manage functions.

  • For example, the parking fee system operates separately, but it will also be necessary to allow registered cars to enter.

  • Also, in a multi-story parking lot, you may want to manage a specific floor separately with parking control system.

  • For example, the user can set a floor where only registered cars can park.

  • So, our LPR complex system can manage multiple parking lots by setting it up for various uses.

  • For example, it can be set in the parking control system so that even a registered car cannot use any parking lot.

  • Also, the operator can manage a separate parking rate and car for each divided parking lot.

  • That is, the operator can set various operating conditions for each parking lot in this complex parking management.

  • So, this complex parking control system is suitable for complex parking lots of various projects.

complex parking management with LPR parking

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