Applications of LPR Car Parking System

car parking system with LPR applied

LPR parking control system provides functions for vehicle access control, parking fee settlement, complex parking lot management, and integrated management.

[ Parking Access Control System ]

  • Checks registration information without contact.

  • Manages parked i mages and vehicle information.

  • If there is a LPR camera at the exit, car access can be controlled.

  • No need for additional parking cards.

  • Blocks illegal parking by passing parking cards

parking access system

[ Parking Fee Payment System ]

  • No need parking tickets for visiting cars (saving consumables).

  • Blocks illegal parking by borrowing parking card.

  • Non-contact processing requires minimal maintenance.

  • Quick processing.

dkee parking
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[ Complex Parking Lot Management ]

  • Only certain cars are allowed to enter certain area or floor.

  • Only certain registered cars are allowed to enter.

  • Unauthorized cars are refused entry.

  • No need for a separate parking card.

  • Quick processing

complex parking management with LPR parking

[ Integrated Parking Lot Management ]

  • Integrated management of parking lots belong to a specific group.

  • Integration or individual management of various data.

  • Cumulated or partially cumulated revenue reports.

  • Integrated or partially integrated statistics of passing cars.

multi parking lot management with LPR parking solution

Case studies

We have produced and insatlled parking management systems in thousands of locations over the past 30 years.

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