Features of DKEE's Parking System

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We have over 20 years of know-how related to license plate recognition, so we are confident that we will satisfy our customers.

[ Uninterrupted LPR Parking System ]

  • Supports for uninterrupted parking lot operation.

  • An image processing computer is installed on each LPR camera.

  • Normal operation even when management computer malfunctions. 

stable operation of LPR parking system
Play Video about stable operation of LPR parking system

[ Taking Always Clear Images ]

  • Improves recognition rate by always taking clear images.

  • Actively responds to surrounding brightness.

  • Taking clear images even with image blur or backlight. 

taking always clear images for LPR parking management system

[ Solution for Front License Plate Issues ]

  • Solved the problem of no license plate on the front of the car.

  • Solving non-recognition due to damage of bending of the license plate.

  • Solving non-recognition due to snow or dirt on the license plate. 

front license plate issues for LPR parking systems

[ Display Information on the LCD monitor ]

  • Advertising and information images can be displayed.

  • Displays processing results.

  • Displays recognized car number. 

display information on the LPR monitor of automated parking system

Case studies

We have produced and installed parking management systems in thousands of locations over the past 30 years.

Our Business Scopes

LPR/ANPR Parking System, Parking Counter System, Non-loop coil Vehicle Detector

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