Parking Guide System with auto-correction

parking guidance system with calibration

The parking guidance system can be applied to indoor and outdoor parking lots.  Therefore, our parking guide system with two-steps automatic correction guides cars to empty parking spaces.

[ Applied to various types of parking lot ]

indoor parking lot with parking guide system

Indoor parking lot with parking guide system

Indoor parking lots can be divided by floor or zone. So, drivers can find empty parking spaces by following the signs of the parking guide system displayed in each zone or floor.

outdoor parking lot with parking guidance system

Outdoor parking lot with parking guidance system

Dividing the outdoor parking lot into zones provides convenience for drivers. So, our parking guidance system guides cars by displaying empty parking spaces in each zone.

first step calibration for car parking guide

First-step calibration for car parking guide

Simple counting of cars cannot indicate accurate parking spaces. However, our car parking guide first checks whether the car has actually passed.

second step calibration for car parking counting system

Second-step calibration for garage parking guide

It would be a useless system to display the count value of cars as it is. But, as a second step, our garage parking guide software checks the counts for errors and display the correct contents.

[ Indoor parking lot by parking guide system ]

  • It is common for installers to use parking guide system for indoor parking to indicate empty spaces for each floor.

  • So, if the number of indoor parking spaces is small, it will be enough to guide the spaces by floor only.

  • But, if the parking space on the same floor is large, it will be difficult to find an empty parking space.

  • So, if the same floor is divided into several blocks and displayed, drivers can easily find empty parking spaces.

  • Therefore, our parking counter system can display empty spaces by counting cars by floor or block.

  • However, a simple counting system cannot exactly guide empty parking spaces in a parking lot.

  • Because a simple counter system cannot know whether what the sensor detects is the result of the actual cars.

  • Also, the error of a simple counter without automatic correction function continues to grow a time goes by.

  • But our parking guide system with two-step auto-calibration modifies to always keep exact counts.

outdoor parking lot with parking guidance system
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[ Outdoor parking lot by parking guidance system ]

  • Since the outdoor parking lot is a large space, it is difficult for drivers to find an empty parking space.

  • So, a guidance system that can guide the driver to easily find empty parking spaces will be needed.

  • Therefore, it would be better to divide the large parking lot into certain sizes and manage each block.

  • So, our parking guidance system detects passing cars by installing car detectors at the entrance and exit of each block.

  • After that, the driver can check the entrance sign of each block and go to an empty parking space.

  • Moreover, installer can install multiple display board at the first entrance of the parking lot to show the entire blocks.

  • Also, the sensor that detects cars for outdoor parking can install loop coils on the road or use another sensor.

  • Moreover, if you use wireless communication between the Zone Controller and the Guidance Computer, you can reduce the installation cost.

  • So, the Zone Controller analyzes the signal sent from the detector to determine whether it is a real car.

  • Also, our 2-step automatic correction parking guidance system guides the drivers to empty parking spaces.

[ Disabled parking bay with parking guidance ]

  • In parking lot with parking guide systems, some customers may require that parking information for the disabled be displayed.

  • So, we can add sensors to the handicapper parking bays to display the parking details in the guidance system.

  • Therefore, our guidance system can identify and display the parking status of the disabled parking bays.

  • So, when the installer installs sensors on disabled parking bays, the sensors can send parking information to the Zone controller.

  • Therefore, the Zone controller receives the signal from the sensors for the disabled parking and sends it to the Guidance computer.

  • Also, the Guidance computer can also display the empty parking for the disabled on the block sign board.

  • That is, our guidance system also has a function that can display the number of cars for the disabled.

[ First step calibration for car parking guide ]

  • Car parking guide requires devices that can receive sensor signals, control the display boards, and communicate data with a computer.

  • However, this device needed a function to analyze the sensor signals to determine whether it is an actual car.

  • So, we developed the Zone controller as a first step calibration and gave the function to automatically calibration the count.

  • Therefore, this device can receive signals from car detectors for various purposes.

  • So, this Zone controller is one of the key devices in the guidance system because it can analyze the detection signals.

  • Also, the device can receive the parking spaces from the Guidance computer and display it on various display boards.

  • In addition, this device analyzes the received detection signals to determine the entry, exit, error or failure.

  • Also, we can communicate with the Guidance Computer by adding a wireless communication device to the device.

  • So, wireless data communication in the car parking guide can simplify wiring and reduce installation cost.

second step calibration for car parking counting system

[ Second step calibration for garage parking guide ]

  • There must be a program that receives count signals to manage garage parking guide and displays the number of parking.

  • Also, the program must have a function to determine whether the count value is normal to provide exact guidance.

  • Therefore, if it is not possible to determine whether the received count is normal, the guidance system will be useless.

  • So, we developed an innovative guidance software for indoor and outdoor parking lots.

  • That is, the user can set the count types, Zone controller and the type of display boards in this garage parking guidance.

  • Also, this software communicates with Zone Controller to receive car detection signals and control various display boards.

  • Moreover, this Counter program has an automatic calibration function to automatically keep exact counts.

  • So, if this garage parking guide determines that there is an error in the count, the computer automatically correct it.

  • Therefore, this guidance system can always display the correct number of empty parking spaces in real time.

  • In other words, our count-type garage parking guide can exactly guide empty parking spaces at a low cost.

[ Features of Parking Guidance System ]

  • The parking guidance system is a simple solution that displays exact empty parking spaces at a lower cost.

  • So, the Zone controller is that can automatically analyze signals and send accurate car detection signals.

  • Also, this Guidance software is that can automatically correct the count values.

  • Moreover, the parking counter system can manage indoor and outdoor parking lots.

  • In addition, our high-brightness display has good visibility and adjusts automatic the brightness at night.

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