[ LPR Barrier gate (model : DLB-600) ]

This device is installed at the entrance or exit of the parking lot to control the entry and exit of vehicles by taking the vehicle's license plate and controlling the barrier.

[ Application examples ]

Installed at the entrance or exit of the parking lot to capture the vehicle's license plate, and control the barrier gate on the recognized results.

Displays recognized contents on the LCD monitor.

uninterrupted operation

Even if the management computer breaks down, it still takes images, controls the barrier gate, and stores the results in its own memory.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • This LPR Barrier Gate is an important device for reading and controlling the car number in the ANPR parking system.

  • Thus, operators can install this device at the entrance or exit to control the approaching cars.

  • So, this LPR Barrier Gate combines a number reading device and a Barrier to take images to read the cars.

  • Also, the LPR camera monitor included in the ANPR parking system can display various information.

  • So, the user can manage all parking lots by controlling both registered and visiting cars with this LPR Barrier Gate.

  • Therefore, this device has various innovative functions to increase the license plate reading rate and operate stably.

  • So, this device is one of the core devices that perform various functions in the ANPR parking system.

  • Also, this device has a function to control the 20-color bar of the Barrier Gate.

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