[ Parking fee payment system ]

This car parking system allows visiting vehicles to enter, but they must pay a parking fee before leaving.

[ Application examples ]

- This operation method can be used in almost all parking lots, including parking buildings, office buildings, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and airports.

- Registered vehicles can be entered and exited freely by recognizing their license plate number.

- Parking fees can be paid using an insert or contactless credit card.

- Parking fees can be paid at the exit or center of the parking lot.

validation function

- You can add barcode discount coupons, WEB discounts, or shortcut key discounts for parking fee discounts or free validaion for visiting vehicles.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • The car parking system in a parking lot with a lot of cars must make the cars move quickly.
  • So, you will need a device that can read the license plate and process cars without stopping at the entrance.
  • Because reading the license plate number, which is a ticketless parking type, is much faster than issuing parking tickets.
  • Also, this LPR central payment system reads the car number and classifies the car as a registered or visiting car.
  • So, if the drivers pay the parking fee only at the center, it can be processed quickly at the exit.  
  • Therefore, the drivers can pay for parking by entering the car number at the payment machine located in the center.
  • However, if an automatic pay station is installed at the exit, drivers can pay parking fee at the exit as well.
  • Our LPR car parking system has a parking discount function for customers who visit the store. 
  • Therefore, customers can receive a discount with a Web discount or coupon discount when paying for parking.
  • And once the driver pays the parking fee at the center, the car must leave within a certain time.
  • After then, our LPR central payment system allows the car to exit when the paid car approaches the exit.
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