[ Zone controller (model : ZC-16) ]

This device receives signals from connected sensors, sends them to the parking counter computer, and transmits the number of empty parking spaces to the display board.

구역컨트롤러, zone controller

[ Application examples ]

receives signals from sensors

Receive signals from sensors to count vehicles entry or exit.

sends vacant information to the display board

Sensor signals are transmitted to the parking counter computer and empty parking spaces are displayed on the display boards.

2 step automatic calibration

2-step automatic correction function ensures accurate counts by analyzing vehicle crossing, reverse driving, tailgating, etc.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • The Zone Controller is a key device of the car parking counting system and communicates with the guidance computer.

  • Thus, the device can receive signals from the car sensors and display empty parking spaces on the display board.

  • So, the Zone Controller sends the detection signals to the computer and the parking information to the display boards.

  • However, this Zone Controller analyzes first before sending detection signals to check whether it is a normal car detection.

  • So, this car parking counter system performs two-step automatic calibration to maintain accurate data.

  • Also, by adding a wireless device to this device, the installation cost of the parking counter system can be reduced.

  • But additional repeaters may be required if there is an obstacle between the two devices that need to communicate.

  • In addition, the device can receive up to 16 input signals to count passing or occupied cars.

  • Also, it has two communication ports to connect the display panel displayed in the parking counter system.

wireless zone controller for car parking counting system

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