ANPR Parking System with stable LPR technology

There are many parking solutions using LPR parking system. But our ANPR parking system plays an excellent role in any parking lot by applying various innovative technologies for stable operation.

ANPR parking system with stable LPR technology

[ Production items of ANPR parking system ]

LPR barrier gate of ANPR parking system

LPR Barrier Gate

The ANPR parking system is a solution for managing license plates. But, our LPR Barrier Gate supports stable operation by applying various technologies.

slave ANPR camera of ANPR parking system

Slave LPR Camera

In some cases, the front license plate is not enough to read the car number. So, we use a slave ANPR camera for the ANPR parking to take the rear or side of the car.

management software of ANPR parking system

Management Software

Management software is required to manage the LPR parking system. However, our system provides stable and various functions for registered and visiting cars.

automatic pay station of ANPR parking system

Automatic Pay Station

An automatic Pay Station is required to settle the parking fee. So, our ANPR parking automatically displays the parking fee by reading the car number.

[ LPR Barrier Gate ]

  • This LPR Barrier Gate is an important device for reading and controlling the car number in the ANPR parking system.

  • Thus, operators can install this device at the entrance or exit to control the approaching cars.

  • So, this LPR Barrier Gate combines a number reading device and a Barrier to take images to read the cars.

  • Also, the LPR camera monitor included in the ANPR parking system can display various information.

  • So, the user can manage all parking lots by controlling both registered and visiting cars with this LPR Barrier Gate.

  • Therefore, this device has various innovative functions to increase the license plate reading rate and operate stably.

  • So, this device is one of the core devices that perform various functions in the ANPR parking system.

  • Also, this device has a function to control the 20-color bar of the Barrier Gate.

LPR barrier gate of ANPR parking system
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[ Slave ANPR camera ]

  • When reading the car number from ANPR parking system, it is mainly processed by reading front number of the car.

  • However, operators need this device because sometimes it is not possible to process by reading only the front number plate.

  • In other words, ANPR parking system cannot read the car if there is snow or dirt on the front number plate.

  • Also, if the front plate is in bad condition or there is no front plate, you will need a rear camera.

  • Therefore, users can increase the number reading rate by installing the Slave ANPR Camera of the ANPR parking system.

  • So, the Slave Camera sends the captured image to the front LPR Barrier so that the two images can be compared.

  • Also, the Image Processing Unit and ABCS function control the slave camera to support operation for reading the rear number.

  • In other words, our ANPR parking system have a function to handle the difference between the two car number readings.

[ Management software ]

  • The management software for ANPR parking system has functions that can be applied to various parking lots.

  • So, the software has setting functions for system configuration and operation.

  • Also, the software of the ANPR parking system receives data from connected local devices and sends data to be controlled.

  • So, when an operator registers regular cars in our LPR system, the system automatically manages the access of cars.

  • Moreover, if the operator sets the conditions for visiting cars in the management software, free or payment can be processed.

  • So, visitors can pay for parking or get discounts with Web discounts or barcode discounts.

  • Also, the LPR parking system can display advertisements on the LCD monitor by sending images to each LPR Barrier Gate.

  • So, we can display the operating status of each device on the monitor and analyze it over the internet.

  • Also, the operator can generate various statistics and settlement reports using the processed data of the ANPR parking system.

[ Automatic pay station ]

  • The driver can par directly at the automatic pay machine of the ANPR parking system in the parking lot.

  • So, if this device is at the exit, it displays the parking fee according to the car reading.

  • Also, if this Automatic Pay Station is located in the center, the driver can pay by entering own car number.

  • However, this device pays parking fees by reading credit cards, debit cards or discount coupons in a cashless type.

  • Because cashless in the ANPR parking system has almost no maintenance and maintenance are easy.

  • So, when the driver completes the parking fee payment, the Barrier Gate automatically opens and the car to exits.

  • Also, when the driver pays at an Automatic Pay Station, the parking fee can be discounted with discount coupons.

  • In addition, if the driver receives a web discount at the parking lot, the discount is automatically applied.

  • Also, the voice guidance function that guides the parking fee payment process is convenient for drivers.

  • However, when the driver needs help, the Automatic Pay Station of the ANPR parking system can make a call with VoIP phone.

[ Manual cashier station ]

  • The operator can settle the parking fee by using the manual cashier station at the exit or in the center.

  • Therefore, the Manual machine of the ANPR parking system can be used in parking lots where labor costs are low. 

  • But even in parking lots where customer service is important, a manual cashier Station is installed to serve customers.

  • Also, the user can check the images of the entrance and the exit together when the device is at exit.

  • In addition, the user can scan the barcode coupon in the ANPR parking system to get discounts on parking fee.

  • Moreover, users can process various discounts with shortcut keys on this device.

  • Also, the ANPR parking system device displays images and read license plate number at the exit.

[ Barrier gate ]

  • The ANPR parking system uses barrier at the entrance and exit of the parking lot to control the cars.

  • Also, the barrier is automatically controlled when connected to an LPR, RF-ID or Remote-control. 

  • In addition, the operator can manually control the Barrier Gate after confirming the driver without the ANPR parking system.

  • Also, our barrier changes to 20 colors, so it can attract the driver’s attention and prevent accidents.

  • Moreover, our barrier used in the ANPR parking system is designed with BLDC motor drive for high durability.

  • Furthermore, the 20-color bar automatically dims when the Barrier of the ANPR parking system is not activated.

  • But we can supply the bar of this Barrier Gate up to 3 meters.

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