[ LPR Barrier Gate for car parking system ]

  • The LPR Barrier Gate is a complex device for car parking system that combines a Barrier Gate and an LPR recognition unit.
  • Therefore it installed at entrance and exit lane of the parking lot, and can take images of approaching vehicles.
  • Also the ABCS function controls the camera according to the surrounding brightness so that the LPR system can always take sharp images.
  • Furthermore the Image Processing Unit processes the captured image and displays the recognized vehicle number and related information.
  • So the LPR car park system displays processed status and recognized number on the LCD monitor.
  • Also the parking management system displays advertisement images or announcement images on the LCD monitor when there is no vehicle access.
  • The IPU takes the image, and controls the barrier gate as a stand-alone operation when the management computer fails.
  • So the LPR barrier gate, the core device of the car parking system, includes an image processing unit.
  • Furthermore the barrier bar, which changes color to 20colors, has the effect of preventing accidents by attracting the driver’s attention.
  • And the barrier gate bar increases the durability of the barrier gate with smooth speed control.
Car parking system with LPR
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[ Slave LPR camera ]

  • The slave LPR camera can take front images or the rear license plate for improving the recognition rate.
  • So the image taken by the slave LPR camera transmitted to image processing unit to recognize the vehicle number.
  • Also this slave LPR camera for the LPR car parking system can be useful in countries that do not have a license plate on the front of vehicle(eg USA).
  • Especially it’s useful to use the slave LPR camera for where snow or mud is attached to the license plate or the license plate is bent.
  • The ABCS function in the slave LPR camera operates independently of the front LPR camera.
  • So it can always take sharp images by controlling the camera according to the surrounding brightness.
  • Also the LPR car park systems selects a best result through comparing with the both the front and the slave of images.
  • And our slave LPR camera makes the LPR car parking systems more reliable.

[ Parking management computer ]

  • The management computer can manage data and controls functions in connection with each devices.
  • Also it manages connected manual cashier station and automatic pay station to get data of the payment result.
  • The parking management computer of the LPR car parking system manages visiting and registered vehicles.
  • So, visitors need to pay the parking fee or get a validation with Web validation or bar-code validation coupon.
  • Also registered driver can use the parking lot within registered conditions by that recognized vehicle number.
  • Furthermore operator can send the images to each LPR barrier gate so that it displays the advertisements on the LCD monitor.
  • Also it displays operating status of each device on the monitor of the computer, and operator can analyze it through internet.
  • And operator can get various reports such as shift balance, settlements, statistics and contents for managing parking system conveniently.

[ Automatic pay station for LPR car park system ]

  • The automatic pay station installed at an exit lane calculates parking fee by receiving vehicle number.
  • So, if the automatic pay station is installed at central place, drivers enters own vehicle number to calculate the parking fee.
  • Additionally if the parking lot uses the validation coupon, a driver can receive the coupon from the clerk at a shop while visiting there.
  • So the driver can get a discount of the parking fee by scanning the validation coupon first.
  • And if the driver scans the validation coupon, it displays new parking fee after deducting.
  • However, when a driver want to get help from operator, the driver can press the call button of the VoIP phone.
  • Additionally, a voice guidance function that guides the parking fee settlement process is useful for drivers.
  • If the payment complete vehicle approaches to the exit, the car park system opens the barrier gate to allow the vehicle to exit.

[ Manual cashier station ]

  • If the cashier station is installed at an exit lane calculates parking fee, it controls the barrier to pass the vehicle.
  • So the cashier station connects with the LPR camera that receives the recognized result.
  • Also when a vehicle approaches at the exit lane, it displays both images of entrance and exit on the monitor.
  • And if the cashier station at central place calculates a parking fee, it sends the payment result to the computer.
  • So a clerk can calculate a parking fee by entering vehicle number at the central cashier station.
  • Also the clerk can scan bar-code coupon for a validation, and pay the rest by credit card.
  • And clerk can set various validations with shortcut keys at the cashier station.

[ Barrier gate ]

  • It can be connected to the remote control, RF reader, number keypad or vehicle detector to automatically control the barrier gate.
  • Also the 20-color color bar is always displayed brightly even in daylight with various colors for the car parking system.
  • So it has the effect of attracting the driver’s attention and preventing accidents for the car parking system.
  • And the parking barrier gate increases the durability of the barrier gate with smooth speed control.

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