Loop Detector without loop coil

loop detector without loop coil

We use geomagnetic technology to produce this vehicle loop detector to detect cars or metal passing through without a loop coil.  In addition, this loop detector can detect cars over long distances and has various functions built-in, so user can use it for various purposes.

[ Models of loop detector without loop coil

loop detector without loop coil - 1 CH

Loop detector- 1 CH

(Discounts for order of 100 or more)
This vehicle detector detects and outputs a passing vehicle. Therefore, the user can detect the vehicle by installing the sensor on the wall or ceiling.

vehicle detector without loop coil - 2 CH

Vehicle detector- 2 CH

(Sales discounts for order of 100) This 2-channel type has two 1-channel vehicle detectors. However, it additionally provides a direction discrimination or priority detection function.

loop detector - 1 CH - assembled

Loop detector- 1 CH - Assembled

(Discounts for order of 100 or more) This product includes a 1-channel detector and a waterproof enclosure. Therefore, it is a product assembled for easy use by customers.

car detector - 2 CH - assembled

Car detector- 2 CH - Assembled

(Sales discounts for order of 100) This product is assembled with a 2-channel detector and a waterproof enclosure. Therefore, this vehicle detector is the same as 2-channel.

[ Loop detector without loop coil - 1 CH ]

  • Existing loop detector is difficult to install because they require a loop coil to be installed on the road.

  • So, to solve this problem, we have developed an innovative detector that detects cars without a loop coil

  • Therefore, among sensors, the technology that detects only cars or metal without a loop coil gives many advantages.

  • In other words, our loop detector can detect passing cars using geomagnetic technology without installing loop coil.

  • Therefore, the user installs the car sensor on a wall or ceiling to detect passing cars.

  • So, user can use this detector for pedestrian warning, electric vehicle charger, forklift and railroad crossing.

  • Also, this loop detector without loop coil can detect passing cars by installing a car sensor on one side.

loop detector without loop coil - 1 CH
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vehicle detector without loop coil - 2 CH

[ Vehicle detector without loop coil - 2 CH ]

  • We have prepared functions to make this 2-channel vehicle detector work for more complex applications.

  • So, since this two-channel detector has separate outputs, it can detect cars in the entrance and exit passages.

  • But priority detection is a function in which detection is prioritized when a car is detected first from either side.

  • Also, the direction classification is to output the one that detects first among the two sensors of the vehicle detector.

  • However, the user may select and use the 2-channel detector as a 1-channel individual operation.

  • furthermore, the user must install this sensor at a right angle to the moving cars to detect a long distance.

  • Therefore, this detector is also used for detecting cars or metals, just like the vehicle detector used in general.

[ Loop detector - 1 CH- assembled ]

  • We are producing this model for easy installation by customers who need a 1-channel car detector.

  • Also, the user can detect cars by installing this sensor on the wall or ceiling just like other models.

  • Thus, the detector can detect a wide variety of metals such as cars, lift cars, metals and carts.

  • In addition, this loop detector is assembled in a sealed case, but the sensor can be installed inside or outside the box.

  • So, this 1-channel detector ignores the direction of cars and outputs an output when detected.

  • Also, this detector provides two outputs to control the warning light and dry relay contacts.

  • In addition, the user can control the alarm lamp by adjusting the sensitivity of the loop detector and the timer.

[ Car detector - 2 CH - assembled ]

  • We assemble this 2-channel car detector in a waterproof enclosure and sell it for car detection.

  • So, the user can use the detector to determine the direction at the entrance and exit of cars.

  • Also, if the passage width is wide enough to cross each other, one sensor should be installed in the other lane.

  • However, if the passageway is narrow, this car detector can be used as a priority detection function.

  • Also, this two-channel detector can output only when detecting cars in the direction by determining the direction.

  • Furthermore, since this detector only detects cars or metal objects with magnetic sensors, loop coils are unnecessary.

  • Also, when the loop detector detects cars, it is possible to operate a safety facility that warns pedestrians.

[ Ceiling type warning light ]

  • The loop detector activates this warning light and is used to notify pedestrians or drivers that a vehicle is coming.

  • So, the installer installs this warning light on the ceiling, and it can be mainly used in the field where the pipe is buried.

  • Also, this alarm light has the function of operating an LED light and an alarm sound.

  • Therefore, when the car detector operates, the operation of this warning light notifies nearby pedestrians and drivers of car exit.

  • In addition, the user can open the cover of the alarm light and turn off the sound.

  • Moreover, the user can cut the pole for the alarm lamp if it is 1 meter long, but it can be used.

  • Also, if the sound is loud when the car detector is operating, the sound of the warning light can be reduced.

[ Wall type warning light]

  • When the vehicle detector operates and this warning light operates, pedestrians or drivers can notice it.

  • Therefore, since this alarm light has the same performance as the ceiling type, only the installation type is different.

  • So, when the car detector operates, this warning light operates an alarm sound and light to notify the surroundings.

  • Also, the user can install the wall-mounted alarm lamp on the wall by combining it with the bracket.

  • But the installer must install the wall-mounted warning light to face upwards to avoid the waterproof problem.

  • Moreover, when the loop detector operates the warning light, it outputs AC220V voltage.

  • In addition, the user should use an anchor on the wall when installing the bracket for the alarm light.

  • So, the user must open the yellow cover and the white cover to reduce the sound of the alarm light.

[ Stand type warning light ]

  • The installer can fix this warning light with an anchor on the floor and connect it to the car detector.

  • So, the installer can install this alarm light on the floor when there is no ceiling or wall.

  • In addition, this warning light operates with sound, light, and text display when vehicle detector is activated.

  • But, since the text displayed on the warning light is in Korean, it seems that it cannot be used abroad.

  • In addition, in foreign countries, a method of using an alarm light for a car detector may be different.

  • Therefore, it may be a better method for overseas customers to use ceiling type alarm lights.

  • However, if you want this warning light in English letters, you must have a certain amount of MOQ.

  • Because we have to make letters with sculptures on the body of the alarm light.

  • In addition, the user can reduce the sound of the warning light when the vehicle detector is operating.

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