New Intelligent Parking counter system [ double step calibration ]

[ What is the Parking counter system? ]

  • The parking counter system can guide vehicles by displaying empty parking spaces of indoor or outdoor parking lots.
  • Also this system has the function to increase the reliability with double steps, so we can keep the high accuracy.
  • So this system is that can replace the parking guidance system using ultrasonic sensors.
  • Because you could use this system to both indoor and outdoor parking lots by the parking guidance systems.
  • When installed indoors of a multi-story parking lot, it is common to guide empty parking spaces by floors.
  • But if the indoor parking lot is wide, it is possible to divide, and guide vehicles by blocks.
  • Furthermore if this system apply to outdoor parking, it can count the parking by dividing it in several parking blocks.
  • So driver can check the parking spaces in different area on the entire display board installed at the main entrance.
  • And driver can check the parking space of the area on the display board installed at entrance of the area.
  • Moreover, driver can check the situation of other area along with directions on the same display board.
  • So the parking guide system counts vehicles by vehicle detectors at entrance and exit, and figure out empty spaces.
  • Therefore the parking counter system can accurately count empty parking spaces with a relatively simple installation
Parking guidance system
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Traffic Computer

[ Traffic Computer of the parking counter system ]

  • The Traffic Computer for the parking counter system receives the parking count signal from the I/O controllers.
  • So the detector sends signal to the I/O controller if it detects vehicle at entrance and exit of parking lot.
  • Also the traffic computer of parking counter system displays the empty parking spaces on the display board and the monitor.
  • Because if the traffic computer sends data to the I/O controller, that data is sent to the display board.
  • Especially this software automatically calibrates the number of parking spaces to always calculate the correct parking space.
  • Also it displays set spaces, current parked vehicles and vacant spaces of each parking area or floor on the monitor.

[ Radio I/O controller for parking counter system ]

  • This I/O controller transmits the signal received from the vehicle detectors to the traffic computer of the parking counter system.
  • Also it can receive multiple channels of detector signals and analyzes data to cut various errors and transmit accurate values.
  • Additionally it receives data from the traffic computer, and sends the empty spaces to the display board in real time.
  • Especially the I/O controller has the function to determine whether the data is valid by analyzing the signal received.
  • So this automatic double calibration function keeps high reliability for the parking counter system.

[ Vehicle Sensor Module for parking counter system ]

  • The vehicle sensor module which installed on ceiling detects the passage of vehicles for indoor parking.
  • But the outdoor parking lot needs loop detectors to detect passing vehicles for the parking counter system. 
  • So the loop coil is need to be installed on the entrance and exit lanes to detect passing vehicles. 
  • Also if the 2 channels detector is installed for the parking guidance system, the I/O controller can classify the direction.
  • Additionally there is a function to control the vehicle’s sensitivity setting, timer setting, and alarm light.
  • So loop coil which is connected with vehicle detector detects passing vehicles, and send the signal to the I/O controller.
  • This vehicle detectors are very important to keep high reliability for the parking counter system.

[ Multi Stories Display board for parking counter system ]

  • There are various types for displaying empty parking spaces on the display boards for the parking counter system.
  • One is entire display board with installed stand alone that can display all floors or blocks of the parking lot.
  • Also the other one for stand alone type is a block display board for the outdoor parking.
  • That display board for the outdoor parking can also display empty parking spaces in two or three directions.  
  • Also there are various ceiling type of display board can display empty parking spaces of blocks or floor story.
  • One for ceiling type displays empty spaces at one side view with one or two directions..
  • The other one that has two side display board installed on ceiling can display empty spaces at double side. 
  • These various display boards indicate vacant parking spaces for the parking counter system.
  • So we can also supply the block display board as a module type and assembled type.

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