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LPR Parking system, Parking guide system, Non-loop coil Vehicle detector

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we've installed parking management systems of thousands of sites for about 30 years

Incheon Airport

[ Vision of DKEE ]

  • We have been leading the parking industry by researching and producing more stable and convenient parking management systems while working as a specialized company for parking management systems for over 30 years.
  • We will continue to expand into the global parking industry by providing a unique parking management system with more advanced technology.

[ History of DKEE ]

  • DKEE, established in 1987, has been striving to realize high-quality parking management system by researching and developing various parking management systems that fit the trend of the times.
  • Our parking system has been installed in more than 4,000domestic and overseas parking lots, including Incheon International Airport.
  • We produce unique parking management systems through our long-term experience of installing LPR systems in small , large parking lots, complex building, shopping malls and airports.
DKEE team

Latest Projects

we had installed parking management systems of thousnads sites for about 30 years

DKEE dParking system - auto Smartphone payment
Play Video about DKEE dParking system

DKEE dParking system

- automatic Smartphone payment

Patented dParking systems provides to pay parking fee by smartphone App. with LPR technology automatically so that driver does not need to seek auto pay machine and receive payment contents after leaving the parking lot.

Why work with us

We, DKEE is a manufacturer of automatic parking system that is leading trend with innovative technologies for over 30years.
We are proud of to produce parking systems with high quality, durability and convenience for satisfying by our clients.
And the main products are uninterrupted LPR parking system, Parking guidance system with low cost and loop coil-free Vehicle detector,
and we could support technical issues for our clients through internet.

Revenue Generation

We are producing unique parking systems that can give customers many benefits for managing parking lots.

Creative Minds

We are always seeking a new solution that customers want to manage parking lots with effectually and conveniently through 30 years experiences.

24/7 Client Support

Our team can analyze operating status of parking systems, and find out the reason, and then treat it via internet or guide our customer to fit the reason.

Business Collaboration

We are seeking dealers who could cooperate the parking business for their country or market territory for now.

Why clients says about us

They says that we have many advantages in our parking system to beat their competitors.