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Company history

We are thinking first a forward road than the tracked of the road

DKEE Inc. was established in 1987, and started as a special company for the Parking Management Systems through it had became a distributor of S&B in Germany.

We were the first company that having a R&D center among the parking industry in Korea on 1996, and had been developed own parking management system, and installed it at about 4,000 parking sites including the Incheon International Airport.

We produce uninterrupted LPR parking system, parking guidance system with low cost, and loop coil-free Vehicle detector.for worldwide market.

lpr parking system
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2014 ~ present


06 Participate exhibition at Intertraffic RAI 2018

05 Produce premium LPR Parking Systems

04 Patented FMC with IOT technology

03 Patented smartphone payment for parking fee

02 Patented 20color Barrier ARM

01 Produce Non loop coil Vehicle Detector



04 Launched mobile App service, SMART PARKING

03 Installed the Parking Systems at Incheon Int'l Airport

02 Exports the Parking Systems to various countries

01 References sites about 3,000 parking lots




05 Participate IPI exhibition in the USA

04 Participate exhibition at Intertraffic RAI

03 Produce FMC with LPR technology

02 Produce PGS with ultrasonic sensor

01 Developed own magnetic Reader and Writer



05 Start to develop the parking systems

04 Registered the R&D center as the first in Korea

03 Installed about 50 parking lots

02 Assigned a distributer of S&B in Korea

01 Established DaeKyung Systems