[ Sensor module (model : CS-2) ]

This sensor module is installed at the entrance or exit of the parking lot to detect passing vehicles and transmit data.

sensor module

[ Application examples ]

install ultrasonic sensors

Detect incoming and outgoing vehicles by installing a sensor module on the ceiling of an indoor parking lot.

install loop detectors

Loop coil can be installed on the pathway of an outdoor parking lot to detect entering and exiting vehicles.

disabled parking bay

Geomagnetic sensor or loop coils are installed on each disabled parking bay to detect vehicles.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • The sensor module used in the parking counting system can be divided into a ceiling sensor and a loop coil type.

  • Therefore, we can mainly use laser sensors or magnetic sensors as a ceiling sensor for the parking counting system.

  • So, we can recommend that ceiling–type sensors be installed mainly in indoor parking lots with ceilings.

  • However, we mainly recommend using the loop coil type car detector as a sensor module for outdoor parking lots.

  • Therefore, the installer installs the loop coil for the parking counting system, the passing cars can be detected.

  • So, the installer connects the output signals of these sensors to the Zone controller to count the passing cars.

  • Also, the loop coil type car detector or sensor module must be reliable without malfunction.

  • Furthermore, we will separately guide you on how to install the devices required for the parking counting system.

sensor module for parking lot counting system

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