[ Display information on the LCD monitor ]

It is equipped with a function that allows operators to edit advertising or promotional images, and display them on a high-brighness LCD monitor.

[ Application examples ]

Vehicle number recognition results or error details are displayed on the screen.


Advertisements or promotional images are displayed when no vehicles enter.


When the license plate recognition unit is broken, settings and operating status are displayed on the screen.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • Pedestrians and drivers often enter and exit the parking lot operated by the automatic parking system.
  • So, we displayed information on the monitor of the LPR system so that pedestrians or drivers can check it.
  • Moreover, the monitor of our LPR automatic parking system can display various advertisements as well as read vehicle information.
  • But, other companies have systems that only display text on the LED module or have no display function.
  • So, their LPR systems will be all about displaying the license plate reading result.
  • However, our LPR automatic parking system can display other information as well as simple display the reading result.
  • So, the operator can edit the images on the management computer and download it to the LPR Barrier Gate.
  • Also, the automatic parking system displays on a high-brightness monitor, so that drivers can see it even in sunlight.
  • Therefore, when an operator displays images for advertisements, pedestrians or drivers can check the contents.
display information on the LPR monitor of automated parking system

Our Business Scopes

LPR/ANPR Parking System, Parking Counter System, Non-loop coil Vehicle Detector