[ Outdoor parking lot ]

This parking guidance system can also be applied to large outdoor parking lots, displaying empty parking spaces to easily find parking spaces.

outdoor parking lot

[ Application examples ]

block display

Counts the number of parking spaces in each zone, and informs you of parking spaces at the parking lot entrance and each zone.

classify crossing vehicles

Count analysis of vehicles crossing or crossing lanes for accurate counts.

disabled parking bay

For accurate counting, vehicles crossing or crossing lanes are counted and analyzed.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • Since the outdoor parking lot is a large space, it is difficult for drivers to find an empty parking space.

  • So, a parking guidance system that can guide the driver to easily find empty parking spaces will be needed.

  • Therefore, it would be better to divide the large parking lot into certain sizes and manage each block.

  • So, our parking guidance system detects passing cars by installing car detectors at the entrance and exit of each block.

  • After that, the driver can check the entrance sign of each block and go to an empty parking space.

  • Moreover, installer can install multiple display board at the first entrance of the parking lot to show the entire blocks.

  • Also, the sensor that detects cars for outdoor parking can install loop coils on the road or use another sensor.

  • Moreover, if you use wireless communication between the Zone Controller and the Guidance Computer, you can reduce the installation cost.

  • So, the Zone Controller analyzes the signal sent from the detector to determine whether it is a real car.

outdoor parking lot with parking guidance system

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