[ Slave LPR camera (model : DLR-600) ]

This device is installed at the entrance or exit of the parking lot to take images of the other side of the front license plate or the rear license plate to increase license plate recognition rates.

[ Application examples ]

In lanes where vehicles are turning and entering, it is necessary to take the front license plate from a different side.

If the front license plate is bent or covered in snow, you must take an image of the rear license plate.

In countries where front license plates are not required, rear license plates must be taken.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • When reading the car number from ANPR parking system, it is mainly processed by reading front number of the car.

  • However, operators need this device because sometimes it is not possible to process by reading only the front number plate.

  • In other words, ANPR parking system cannot read the car if there is snow or dirt on the front number plate.

  • Also, if the front plate is in bad condition or there is no front plate, you will need a rear camera.

  • Therefore, users can increase the number reading rate by installing the Slave ANPR Camera of the ANPR parking system.

  • So, the Slave Camera sends the captured image to the front LPR Barrier so that the two images can be compared.

  • Also, the Image Processing Unit and ABCS function control the slave camera to support operation for reading the rear number.

  • In other words, our ANPR parking system have a function to handle the difference between the two car number readings.

slave ANPR camera of ANPR parking system

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