[ Warning light- wall mounted type ]

This warning light is installed on the wall in the direction in which the vehicle is moving, and activates the warning light to alert nearby vehicles and pedestrians.

warning light-wall mounted

[ Application examples ]

can be installed on a wall

When installed on the wall and activated by a deonagnetic sensor, an warning light is activated.

warning light-wall mounted

One sde of the wall bracket is fixed to the wall and the other side is fixed to the warning light.

can be reduced sounds

LED type warning lights and lighting have a semi-permanent lifespan and the alarm sound can be reduced.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • When the vehicle detector operates and this warning light operates, pedestrians or drivers can notice it.

  • Therefore, since this alarm light has the same performance as the ceiling type, only the installation type is different.

  • So, when the geomagnetic sensor operates, this warning light operates an alarm sound and light to notify the surroundings.

  • Also, the user can install the wall-mounted alarm lamp on the wall by combining it with the bracket.

  • But the installer must install the wall-mounted warning light to face upwards to avoid the waterproof problem.

  • Moreover, when the geomagnetic sensor operates the warning light, it outputs AC220V voltage.

  • In addition, the user should use an anchor on the wall when installing the bracket for the alarm light.

  • So, the user must open the yellow cover and the white cover to reduce the sound of the alarm light.

wall type warning light for vehicle detector

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