[ Parking counter software (model : CM-20) ]

This parking counter system counts vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot by floor or zone, and displays empty parking spaces.

parking counter software

[ Application examples ]

receives signals from sensors

Receive signals from vehicles entering and exiting each zone or floor through Zone Contorller.

sends vacant information to the display board

Send information about empty parking spaces to the display board for each floor or zone.

2 step calibration

2-step automatic correction function ensures accurate counts.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • Our parking counter system can guide cars by displaying empty parking spaces in indoor or outdoor parking lots.

  • So, when the manager installs this system in indoor parking, it is common to guide the parking spaces by floor.

  • But, if the indoor parking lot is large, it is possible to divide the spaces by block and guide it.

  • Especially, this parking counter system has a function to increase reliability in two stages, so it can maintain high accuracy.

  • Therefore, this parking guidance software can go beyond a simple counter and analyze whether the count is correct.

  • So, this software can receive the car count value from the I/O controller and controls the display boards.

  • Moreover, our parking counter system can display disabled parking by installing sensors on the disabled parking bays.

  • Also, the parking counter software can check the operating status of connected devices.
parking count software

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