[ Parking access control system ]

This system prevents external vehicles from entering the parking lot without permission.

[ Application examples ]

- It can be used in the parking lot of residential houses or apartments.

- There is no need to pay parking fees, but you can add an IP phone or CCTV camera.

- You can add a license plate recognition device to the parking lot exit.

- Required in buildings with security facilities that require visitor identification.

- You can add a license plate recognition device to the parking lot exit.

- It can be used in facilities that do not control visiting vehicles but need to collect information on the vehicles.

- You can manage the images, license plate numbers and times of all vehicles entering and exiting.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • This parking access system has a function that automatically allows only registered cars to enter the parking lot.

  • So, this system can classify registered cars and visitors by reading the license plates of approaching cars.

  • In other words, some parking lots can use such a system when they want only permitted cars to enter.

  • Our LPR car parking system that reads license plates can manage parking lots like this.

  • Therefore, this system is required in apartments and business buildings, and registered cars enter and exit by reading license plates.

  • Managers can check the entry by reading the number of the visiting car by the parking access system.

  • Also, it would be more convenient if the operator could talk to the visitor using VOIP phone and CCTV camera.

  • In addition, if an LPR camera is installed at the exit, the operator can check the exit information of all cars.

  • This LPR parking access system can automatically manage visiting and registered vehicles by reading license plates.

LPR barrier gate of ANPR parking system

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