[ Automatic pay station (model : DCP-600) ]

This automatic payment machine can be discount parking fees using discount coupons or WEB discounts, then pay with a credit car and issue a receipt.

[ Application examples ]

barcode discount

You can get a discount on parking fees with discount coupons, and pay with an insert or touch-type credit card.


You can pay parking fees by entering your license plate number on the touch screen.


Once payment is completed, a receipt can be issued and the barrier gate is automatically controlled.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • The driver can par directly at the automatic pay machine of the LPR parking system in the parking lot.

  • So, if this device is at the exit, it displays the parking fee according to the car reading.

  • Also, if this Automatic Pay Station is located in the center, the driver can pay by entering own car number.

  • However, this device can settle parking fees by reading credit cards, debit cards or discount coupons in a cashless type.

  • Because cashless type in the ANPR parking system has almost no maintenance and maintenance are easy.

  • So, when the driver completes the parking fee payment, the Barrier Gate automatically opens and the car to exits.

  • Also, when the driver pays at an Automatic Pay Station, the parking fee can be discounted with discount coupons.

  • In addition, if the driver receives a web discount at the parking lot, the discount is automatically applied.

  • Also, the voice guidance function that guides the parking fee payment process is convenient for drivers.

  • However, when the driver needs help, the Automatic Pay Station of the LPR parking system can make a call with VoIP phone.

automatic pay station

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