[ Taking always clear images ]

Our LPR parking management system uses the ABCS function to always take clear images, thereby increasing the license plate recognition rate.

[ Application examples ]

The camera's aperture is automatically adjusted even if the surrounding brightness changes during the day and night.

Actively responds to backlight, smear phenomenon, light reflection, etc.

Built-in automatic control function for abnormal light brightness.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • We have a solution for taking always clear images and having high read rates in the LPR parking management system.
  • So, we developed the ABCS function so that the LPR system always takes clear images, and the results were great.
  • That is, the ABCS function included in our LPR system automatically adjusts the recognition camera according to various surrounding brightness.
  • In particular, the parking management system needs an automatically adjustment function when using the LPR camera outdoors.
  • For example, the images taken by LPR cameras are directly affected by various external brightness such as sunrise and sunset.
  • However, a system without such an actively adjustable function will have a lower read rate for each various brightness changes.
  • So, we added the innovative ABCS to the LPR parking management system to respond to various conditions of external brightness.
  • In fact, we are confirming almost 100% read rate in parking lot projects operating in Korea.
taking always clear images for LPR parking management system

Our Business Scopes

LPR/ANPR Parking System, Parking Counter System, Non-loop coil Vehicle Detector