[ Barrier gate (DCB-3) ]

This barrier gate can be used in conjunction with other devices to control vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot.

[ Application examples ]

It operates when a circuit breaker opening signal is received from a remote control, RF reader, keyboard, etc.

The 20-color bar continuously changes color to attract the driver's attention and prevent accidents.

The barrier gate installed at the exit is linked to the vehicle detector, and automatically opens the barrier gate.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • The ANPR parking system uses barrier at the entrance and exit of the parking lot to control the cars.

  • Also, the barrier is automatically controlled when connected to an LPR, RF-ID or Remote-control. 

  • In addition, the operator can manually control the Barrier Gate after confirming the driver without the ANPR parking system.

  • Also, our barrier changes to 20 colors, so it can attract the driver’s attention and prevent accidents.

  • Moreover, our barrier used in the ANPR parking system is designed with BLDC motor drive for high durability.

  • Furthermore, the 20-color bar automatically dims when the Barrier of the ANPR parking system is not activated.

  • and we can supply the bar of this Barrier Gate up to 3 meters.

barrier gate of ANPR parking system