[ 2CH- Non loop coil Vehicle Detector (model : GVD-3D) ]

This 2-channel vehicle detector without loop coil can connect up to 2 snesors and detect vehicles passing within 2 meters to the side of the vehicle.

2ch detector

[ Application examples ]

detect front and back

Vehicles passing through the front and back of the sensor can be detected and output.

When a metal object such as a vehicle, forklift, cart, or train approaches, the detection can be distinguished and output or operated individulally according to the direction.

2ch detector for various applications

It can be applied for warning light operation, traffic control, or parking control.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • We have prepared functions to make this 2-channel vehicle detector work for more complex applications.

  • So, since this two-channel detector has separate outputs, it can detect cars in the entrance and exit passages.

  • But priority detection is a function in which detection is prioritized when a car is detected first from either side.

  • Also, the direction classification is to output the one that detects first among the two sensors of the vehicle detector.

  • However, the user may select and use the 2-channel detector as a 1-channel individual operation.

  • furthermore, the user must install this sensor at a right angle to the moving cars to detect a long distance.

  • Therefore, this detector is also used for detecting cars or metals, just like the vehicle detector used in general.

vehicle detector without loop coil - 2 CH