[ Warning light- stand type ]

This warning light is installed as a stand-alone device in the direction of exit, and operates to alert nearby vehicles and pedestrians.

warning light stand type

[ Application examples ]

can be changed the letter

It is self-supporting and installed on the floor, and when activated by the geomagnetic sensor, the warning light and text display are activated.

self suport with anchors

The self-supporting type must be firmly fixed to the floor using anchors.

can be reduced sounds

LED type warning lights and lighting have a semi-permanent lifespan and the alarm sound can be reduced.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • The installer can fix this warning light with an anchor on the floor and connect it to the car sensor.

  • So, the installer can install this alarm light on the floor when there is no ceiling or wall.

  • In addition, this warning light operates with sound, light, and text display when geomagnetic sensor is activated.

  • However, the text displayed on the warning light is in Korean, so it must be ordered separately for overseas use.

  • In addition, in foreign countries, a method of using an alarm light for a geomagnetic sensor may be different.

  • Therefore, it may be a better method for overseas customers to use ceiling type alarm lights.

  • However, if you want this warning light in English letters, you must have a certain amount of MOQ.

  • Because we have to make letters with sculptures on the body of the alarm light.

  • In addition, the user can reduce the sound of the warning light when the geomagnetic sensor is operating.

stand type warning light for loop detector

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