[ Manual cashier station (model : DMP-600) ]

The cashier can settle the parking fee using this manual pay machine, and when the settlement is complete, a receipt can be issued and the parking barrier can be opened.

manual cashier station

[ Application examples ]

discount parking fee

You can get a discount on parking fees with discount coupons, and pay with cash, insert or touch-type credit card.

enter plate number

The cashier enters the vehicle number, and settles the parking fee.

prints a receipt

Once payment is completed, a receipt can be issued and the barrier gate is automatically controlled.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • The operator can settle the parking fee by using the manual cashier station at the exit or in the center.

  • Therefore, the Manual machine of the ANPR parking system can be used in parking lots where labor costs are low. 

  • But even in parking lots where customer service is important, a manual cashier Station can be installed to serve customers.

  • Also, the user can check the images of the entrance and the exit together when the device is at exit.

  • In addition, the user can scan the barcode coupon in the ANPR parking system to get discounts on parking fee.

  • Moreover, users can process various discounts with shortcut keys on this device.

  • Also, the ANPR parking system device displays images and read license plate number at the exit.

manual cashier station of ANPR parking system

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