[ Integrated car park system management ]

This system may be needed by parking lot operating companies or public offices that want to manage multiple distributed parking lots from a single integrated server.

[ Application examples ]

Parking lot operating companies may wish to manage all parking lots operated by one integrated server.


Public offices may wish to manage all thier parking lots in an integrated server.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • A company that manages many parking lots with car park system may wish to manage them from a integrated server.

  • So, managing multi parking lot can integrate database and remotely monitor and control.

  • Therefore, the user can check the status of each device and control it remotely, so that it can be conveniently managed.

  • Also, multiple operators can access the integrated parking control system at the same time to process many tasks.

  • You should first check whether the existing system can support the interface.

  • Because if the existing system provider does not support the interface, only some data can be shared.

  • So, the best way is to start the connection from the new parking lot will be provided most completely.

  • In conclusion, we recommend having multi-parking management server composed of LPR parking control system.

multi parking lot management with LPR parking solution

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