[ Entire parking display board- stand type ]

This display device is installed at the entrance to the parking lot to display empty parking spaces for each floor or zone.

입구종합상황판, entire display board

[ Application examples ]

entire display board

Installed at the entrance of an indoor parking lot to indicate empty parking spaces on each floor.

입구종합상황판, entire display board

Installed at the entrance of an outdoor parking lot to indicate empty parking spaces.

입구종합상황판, entire display board

Numbers or letters can be displayed on a high-brightness LED signboard.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • The driver can check the parking count values on the entire parking display at the entrance of the parking lot.

  • So, when the driver approaches the parking lot, the entire spaces are displayed to guide the parking spaces.

  • Also, the driver can check the entire empty spaces of the parking counter system and decide where to go.

  • Moreover, the block name and arrow are displayed on this display board so that the drivers can easily check it.

  • Also, the installer can set the Entire parking display board to be displayed for each floor or block.

  • Moreover, we use high-brightness LED modules, so that the driver can see even when the device is in sunlight.

  • Additionally, operators can set what to display on this device as text instead of numbers.

  • So, the parking counter system can display up to 4 characters in English when it is displayed in characters.

entire parking display board for parking count system

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