[ Solution for front license plate issues ]

We solve this problem by taking the rear license plate or the front license plate at different angles to prevent the license plate recognition rate from dropping.

slave LPR camera

[ Application examples ]

front license plate issue

If the front license plate is bent or covered in snow, take an image of the rear license plate.

entering car with turning

If vehicles enter while turning, the front license plate must be taken from a different angle.

missing front license plate issue

In countries where front license plates are not required, rear license plates must be taken.

[ Detail descriptions ]

  • In our LPR parking, the front license plate is usually taken to read the license plate.

  • But, in some case, you need to take pictures of the rear number plate to read the license plate.

  • So, when snow or dirt is attached to the front license plate, the LPR system cannot read the vehicle.

  • Also, even if the front license plate is worn or bent, it is difficult to read the license plate normally.

  • Moreover, the LPR camera cannot read the license plate even without the front license plate as in the United States.

  • So, we can solve the front license plate problem by adding a rear LPR camera to the LPR parking.

  • Therefore, the image taken by the rear camera is compared with the front image to determine which one is normal.

  • Also, we can use the rear LPR camera to take front images from different angles.

  • Therefore, our Slave LPR camera can process almost 100% of license plate reading in the LPR parking.

front license plate issues for LPR parking systems

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